Our project is located in the “Eastern Region” in southeast of Ghana.

 About Ghana

- since 1957 republic, before English colony

- official language is English

- 238.535 km2

- Developing country, hardly any tourism

- Natural resources like gold, bauxite, manganese, petroleum/natural

gas, salt, cocoa

- about 26 Mio inhabitants

- 75 % are living on 2 Dollars a day

- Life expectancy is 57 years

- About 60 % Christians, 16 % Muslims, the rest African natural


- tropical climate with two rainy periods per year between April and

June and September and October


The education system in Ghana

- Preparatory School

usually 2 years

- Primary School

6 years

- Junior High School

3 years


Although there are no formal fees, there are still costs in all three types, such as school uniforms, books and notebooks, pens, fees for exams and extra classes, which are difficult or impossible for the parents to finance.


If the children passed the final examinations at the JHS, they can visit a

- Senior High School

3 years.


These schools are running as a boarding school and the costs for the parents usually reach unaffordable heights.


If the exams are taken positively, the youngsters have obtained a university entrance qualification.


It is not self-evident in Ghana to get a good basic education. Children from poor and disadvantaged families therefore hardly have a chance on the job market.