I'm back from Ghana, there were very intense and positive days! For the Christmas market I could bring handcrafts, visit our children in the schools, to expand support for more children and young people.


We visited the M/A Junior High School and brought as welcome two balls. This school has no computers, so the IT class is only theoretically.

We therefore ask for donations for computers or well-functioning laptops.

Gideon has a lot of joy in his school with his classmates, but especially that the wheelchair makes it all possible for him. Meanwhile, the armchair with small table is ready, so that it can write his school records.
The headmaster has asked us to build a ramp, so that the wheelchair can be easily overcome in the class every day. Our team will induce that in the coming days.

We visited among others little Gerald and Josephine in the Senior High School.

We support George, he is an orphan and collected aluminum. His brother, left in the picture, is 18 years and would like to do an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. For a 3-year apprenticeship he has to pay money to the master. In the second picture, interview with the master.
We solicit for support to Bamfo George!

Before I left I asked for shoes for school children, thank you for the your donations!

For LightUpAfrica we have also received scores of donations. This Ghanaian NGO provides medical services to people who otherwise have no access to medical care.

On Sunday we need to be to seek more needy families in villages. A more than two-hour drive on very rough roads, but by wonderful landscapes.

First we visited Patrick Kwame, the 13 year old boy who is in a wheelchair.

Expecially I was touched by a grandmother who only can go with a walking stick, takes care for her two grandchildren. Their own hut collapsed, they are now living in an empty, also in danger of collapsing house.
One of the boys had an accident with a car and has since a painful deformity on his left foot. Both boys have problems with the eyes. Since there is no money for health insurance, they are not medically cared for.
We want to help these children and their grandmother, please help us!

Isaac Tetteh of Marcoff asked for help to pay for the school fees of a senior high school. His mother, the school money - in this case, relatively high - because not pay with boarding. It was a bit difficult to find now a senior high school for him because the school year has already begun in September, and the places with boarding are rare, but we have nevertheless managed and Isaac can start with the school.

In the school for the deaf we bought flip-flops with beads, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of beads. Everything is made by the students.

Education Service, more than 2.000 new school benches nailed together by hand.