The last trip was very short but very intense. We visited the families and children Austrians for Ghana supported and brought gifts from the godparents.

Gideon, the boy in the wheelchair is doing very well, he is looking forward to the school again. We support the mother with trips to Accra to the hospital so that he gets special treatment.

Portias mother ran away, she doesn't knows her father. A foreign person takes care of her.

Ernestine's father is blind, selling coconuts, the mother is sick and cannot take care of the seven children, they are living with relatives. Only Ernestine is with the parents and contributes to livelihoods through cash entrance fee in a public toilet in. We want to obtain that she no longer has to work there.

Prince and Martinson still living with the grandmother in the house with dangerous structur. Its running intensive efforts to find something other house for them. Martinson has a bad injury after a car accident on his left foot, we want to achieve an improvement for him by surgery.

While we waited, that the sweet balls are finished, two orphans came and begged for food. The mother is recently deceased, the father left the family for some time. Nobody takes care about the two children, so we want to support them and find a family or person who is looking at them.

Emmanuel and Richard have been adopted by Mr. Adu and live in his house. We support them with clothes, things of daily needs and health insurance. School fees are paid in part by another NGO.

We also met Sylvester again! He has relocated his shop and Isaac helps him in the summer holidays with his work.
He will rent soon a new, larger store where he is training young people.

Sylvester has also shown to us his home.

Emmanuel Akuteye and Francis will start in autumn with the Senior High School.
With Sylvester and Isaac we support now four former youngster of the Marcoff Children.

We support Jessica for visiting the Senior High School. The father cannot take care of the family because of serious illness.