Trip Karin April 12th – 23rd April 2015

Back from my last trip to Ghana. I've seen a lot of touching and impressed me again, as with a few the people are happy!

First I visited the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS of the Marcoff Children in Kobokobo school.

There we have donated computers and laptops last year. There greatest wish would be a small annex for a separate room for the IT class. Now the computers are scattered in the classes.


The joy was great and the good-bye tears could not be hidden!

They all are in Class 2, only Isaac is in Class 3, he would like to visit a senior high school with boarding school after that. If we are able, we will support him.


also of Marcoff Children who cannot stay longer at the orphanage because of his age, we have helped with the rent and work materials to a private shop. During my visit, he has just been given its own electric meter.

Sylvester is so proud of his shop and we wish him every success with it!


we are already support. All children have received toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and small gifts. We have also brought letters from the sponsors.

Familie Abrowka in Akropong/4 Kinder

Emmanuella Osei und Alex Mantey in Akropong

Familie Asare in Koforidua/3 Kinder

Familie Asare/Akropong

Familie Ayisi und Familie Akuoko in Accra

Familie Gyampo in Bepoase, Akuapem/7 Kinder

A new addition is GEORGE Akoto.

George is 13 years old, an orphan, has canceled the school and previously collected aluminum to have money for food. Mr. Benjamin Mintah would like to take care of him, but he is unemployed.

We visited a family, a mother with 11 children, the father has probably a brain tumor. He wanted to do violence to the family so he cannot live with the family. Unfortunately we cannot make a commitment for support, because we still have too less sponsors for all children. During our visit at 18.30 clock in the evening, only a part of the children was there, the mother was on the way to earn by selling banana chips money for food.

At Social Welfare we said thank you for the good cooperation with a donated camera and a used laptop. In the office there are three computers, but all broken!