Our project started in 2012 with the support of an orphanage with 40 children. Soon we found that most children have parents who cannot care for them.


That is why we have decided to support the families in need directly.


If a parent fails to provide the necessary income, either through work loss or death, the whole family will suffer from the consequences. There is then a maximum of one meal a day and the children cannot attend school because the school fees cannot be paid.


With 30 € a month, which is 1 € a day, the children can stay with their families and continue to attend school which also provides them with better employment opportunities as adults.


Our goal is to find personal godparents for these children so that daily food allowances, school fees, school uniform, school supplies and health insurance are guaranteed!


Another goal is to support young people on their way to self-dependence, with

- School fees for Senior High School

- apprentice’s due paid to the master

- tools

- monthly allowance for the length of the apprenticeship


Further projects

- Hospital visits, examinations, vaccinations, surgeries

for the children

- equipping schools with computers

- Ambulance Car for Ghana



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